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  • Striezelmarkt

The Striezel is finally back!

The Dresdner Striezelmarkt 2022 brings joy and happiness in the visitor's christmas time. The latest informations are here for download.

Striezelmarkt dates 2022

The 588th Dresden Striezelmarkt will be held at Dresden’s Altmarkt from 23 November to 24 December 2022.

Opening hours
Daily: 10am to 9pm
Opening day (23 November): 4 to 9pm
Christmas Eve (24 December): 10am to 2pm

Program overview
You can download and print a short version of the highlights for your Striezelmarkt visit.

What makes the Striezelmarkt unique?

Dresden’s Striezelmarkt is considered to be the oldest Christmas market in Germany. But it’s not just its record age that attracts visitors; it also boasts other outstanding features, such as the world’s tallest, 14.61-metre-high Ore Mountain step pyramid, what is likely to be the world’s largest walk-in candle arch, and a daily programme of cultural Christmas events for young and old. Equally irresistible, however, are Striezelmarkt’s premium little touches, like the Pflaumentoffel, a very historic handcrafted edible figurine made from dried plums. Not especially large, but all the more romantic, is the traditional Ferris wheel which provides fantastic aerial views of the Striezelmarkt’s meticulously adorned stalls.

Experiences and accommodation

Whether you prefer to stay in cosy baroque surrounds, the hip, lively Neustadt district, or away from all the Christmas hustle and bustle on the city’s outskirts, the team from the Dresden Information Office will be glad to help you find a room – with no obligation. Visit your hotel or guesthouse directly online or contact the service centre.

The Dresden Information Office also provides extensive tips on events and exciting adventure tours through Dresden and the Elbland region. More information is available here.

Christmas in Dresden and the Elbland region

Get ready for big Christmas celebrations – from Dresden’s old town to festively decorated wineries. Centuries-old handicraft traditions, old and new friends, and radiant children’s faces. Right across Dresden and the Elbland region. Find out all there is to know about winter happenings in and around Dresden here.


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