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Striezelmarkt mug and coin

Special-edition 585th Striezelmarkt mug

Alle Jahre wieder, ‘every year again’, as the famous German Christmas carol goes...

The Striezelmarkt’s Glühwein mug is just as much a part of Germany’s oldest Christmas market as Schwibbogen candle arches, Stollen fruit bread, and Pflaumentoffel prune figures.

And a new range of the popular special edition is also available to commemorate the 585th Dresden Striezelmarkt – limited to 585 collector mugs.

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Striezeltasse19_1.jpg Striezeltasse19_2.jpg Striezeltasse19_3.jpg

The design

As was similarly the case last year, the design of the new special-edition mug is based on that of the 2019 Striezelmarkt mug,and the special-edition mugs are once again adorned with various gold-plated relief elements, as well as individually painted numbers, along with the year. So even the new mugs are genuine unique pieces!

Striezeltaler coins

A Striezelmarkt gift idea

The Striezeltaler coin is a wonderful way to bring family, friends, staff or business partners some pre-Christmas cheer. So why not gift them a little piece of the Striezelmarkt – whether as a little something for their Christmas stocking, for the joint company outing, for passionate collectors, or because you simply want to do a bit of ‘striezeling’ yourself.

Your Striezeltaler coins are packaged individually – reflecting the individual nature of the gifting occasion itself. They come hand-packed in small bags, in a stylish envelope, or – for collectors – as single-coin 2019 editions and collector editions from 2014 to 2018.

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striezeltaler_2019_render_final-05frei.png Striezeltaler 2019-1.jpg Striezeltaler 2019-2.jpg

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